We are Geeks

We are Geeks

Who live in WV

Who live in WV

The 304Geeks are just an average bunch of schmoes from West “by God” Virginia that decided to get out from behind computer screens and do stuff.

The 304Geeks are just an average bunch of schmoes from West “by God” Virginia that decided to get out from behind computer screens and do stuff.


OUR MISSION IS Information Security Education.

The 304 Geeks is a West Virginia based 501c3 Non-Profit that promotes Information Security awareness and education to the Infosec community, the business community and the public in general.  

304 Geeks conducts an annual Infosec conference called SecureWV to fulfill the primary objectives of awareness and education.  This conference is one of the larger regional conferences, that attracts nationally known Infosec leaders to teach and speak about advanced Information security topics. The 304 Geeks publish a monthly newsletter that highlights local Infosec news and current trends in Infosec. With PND Research and Charleston LUG, 304 Geeks contributes to continuing education classes on a wide variety of IT and InfoSec topics.


The 304 Geeks partner with other regional nonprofits to support their educational efforts, the Appalachian Institute for Digital Evidence (AIDE), Infragard, and the Charleston area CTO group. Partnerships also have been formed with local universities to help promote Infosec careers and support their CCTC teams,  Marshall University, The University of Charleston, West Virginia University, and Bethany College.

The members of the 304 Geeks have presented and taught at several regional businesses and organizations about Infosec topics including, The WVU School of Law, The WV Trial Lawyers Association, The Kanawha County Bar, The WV DEP, and several local businesses.


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  • Current trends in computer law
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  • I Survived Ransomware TWICE
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  • Your Dead Now What?
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  • Python Scripting
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  • Surviving ransomware by keeping things simple
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  • Don’t Touch That Dial: Local Techs Offer Ransomware Protection
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  • WV geeks may be able to recover flood damaged computer data:
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  • Hospital Network Hacked
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  • Local group rescuing files from computers damaged in floods
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304Geeks Board

  • John Moore
  • Michael Fry
  • Matthew Perry
  • Tony Schliesser
  • Justin Rogosky
    AV Recorder
  • Bill Gardner
  • Kerri Barger
    Media Manager

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