October 31, 2020by Michael Fry

Conference Attendees:

  • Go to Discord: Log in to Discord.
  • Go to your email: Click the discord invite link from your welcome email.
  • Go to Discord: DM the LaunchPass bot your activation code from the welcome email.
  • Under Conference Channels, you can now see the ‘linecon’ channel.
  • Start a conversation with the other ticket holders in linecon.


Please join the discord server ASAP, and DM MichaelF with your Full Name.  We will then give you the correct permissions. Joining early will give you the opportunity to hype your talk and get attendees interested in attending. Please join the Discord speaker-lounge at least 20 minutes prior to your talk for your final instructions and your presenter GoToWebinar link.

Training Track Attendees:

Check your email for details on how to attend the Training Track. It should have came from WildWest Hackin’ Fest (WWHF). The Training track is hosted directly on GoToWebinar and accessible from your WWHF confirmation email. To access the Conference talks please send a DM to MichaelF (in Discord) with your name and email address that was used to sign up for the training. We will then give you the correct permissions.

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