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SecureWV 11 Conference Ticket steps.

  • Purchase your tickets. 👆🏾 (Subscribe to the Conference Channels)
  • Go to Discord: Log in to Discord.
  • Go to your email: Click the discord invite link from your welcome email.
  • Go to Discord: DM LaunchPass the activation code from your welcome email.
  • Under Conference Channels, you can now see the ‘linecon’ channel.
  • Start a conversation with the other ticket holders in linecon.
Heads Up:
  • Additional channels will be published before the con. (track-1, track-2, etc.)
  • The GoToWebinar links will be pinned in the track channel.
Training Track:
  • If you purchased a training track ticket, you will receive access to the SecureWV 11 conference channels for SecureWV for FREE. (You don’t need to buy one here.) Get into the Discord server and send MichaelF a DM be sure to include the email that you used when signing up for the training. For Refunds concerning the Training Track please refer to the confirmation email from WWHF or the WWHF website.
Conference Ticket Refunds:
  • Inside of the SecureWV Discord please create a Support Ticket to have a refund initiated.
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Links to join will be given from the Conference Channels

Links to join the Webinar will be given from the Conference Channels.

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