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Important Information:

Terms Of Speaker Engagement
  1. I understand that the presentation will done by the primary and co-speaker.
  2. I understand that SecureWV will be providing only the equipment as cited in the CFP packet.
  3. I understand that SecureWV will not disclose speaker’s contact information, unless otherwise stated.
  4. I understand that my talk will be recorded and used for future promotional material such as posting on youtube and the SecureWV website.
  5. I understand that my CFP submission will be selected according to uniqueness of topic and relation to the theme.
  6. In the event the primary and co-speaker wishes to change his/her topic it must be communicated to the CFP team by sending an email to cfp /at/ SecureWV dot org one (1) month prior to the conference.
  7. Speakers are advised to check in with the CFP lead at least one (1) day before the conference proper and/or one (1) day before your scheduled presentation.
  8. I understand that should I need to decline presenting I should notify SecureWV at least one (1) month prior to the conference.
Remuneration Agreement
  • Certificate of Speaking Engagement. (per speaker)
  • 1 Ticket per speaker.
  • +1 Conference Ticket for guest (per talk)

2. Airfare

  • SecureWV does not offer airfare reimbursement.
Copyright Use

The presentation and or research presented here at SecureWV is of your own work, and/or if copied, permission has been obtained from the original author. Permission is hereby given to SecureWV Communications to publish my presentation which includes but not limited to the SecureWV website or other streaming services.

Copyright SecureWV. All rights reserved.